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I am Managing Director of Real Estate Activities for Brizown Entertainment, LLC and it’s associated companies involved in real estate Activities.  These activities of real estate purchases and sales (including buy, sell, and closing transactions), leasing, and rent collections and will also include supervising the maintenance of all owned properties and transitioning properties owned by participating associated companies.

You are now viewing our website portal of developed to help organize, expedite, and smooth the flow of all aspects of our real estate activities.

Rims, LLC.Com will include, but not be limited to Portals for:

Prospects:  Can use our Find a Home” portal to locate their next home.

Tenants:  Will enjoy the ease of a safe, secure, online rent payment portal.  Enter here to pay your rent.

Maintenance Messaging:  Tenants can Use their credentials assigned by their resident manager to enter here and send MAINTENANCE requests to their manager.

PM:   On our menu. Rims Private Messaging for all Resident Managers, Tenants, and Our Maintenance Contractors as well as our Associates to use.  It is an expert communications portal with private focused messaging portals which include archives of threaded messages.

Sincerely: Ed Westerman